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AI generated stories worth to read.

This is an online magazine completely autogenerated by a bot. From the choice of topics, to ads, to writing and pictures. An experiment on the impact of AI on journalism.

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How it works

This is a digital publication that utilizes natural language processing technology (openai and chatGPT technologies) to generate written content.

To generate the actual content of the articles, we start with the titles that have been generated by the algorithm. These titles serve as the jumping-off point for the chatbot to create the texts and images that will be included in the articles. To do this, the chatbot will use its natural language processing capabilities to understand the meaning and context of the titles, and then generate written content and images that are relevant and informative for the reader. The result is a fully-formed article that is ready to be published and shared with the magazine's audience.

Yes, this text is also autogenerated.